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SATL Water Collection Guide 2024

The following guide is a step-by-step procedure to collecting your water samples for routine mineral analysis and bacteria testing for water quality. You may skip the sections of this guide that are not relevant to your testing needs.

Please note that some tests require materials provided by the laboratory.

If you have questions, contact SATL at (210) 229 - 9920, Mon - Fri 8:00 - 5:00.


SATL is TCEQ NELAP Certified and a part of TCEQ Drinking Water Lead and Copper Program.

Collect in the following order if sampling for all: 


1. PFAS         2. Minerals & Metals         3. Bacterias

Sampling Supplies

  • 1000mL Sterile Container  - Lab Provided

  • Labels  - Lab Provided

  • Ice Chest  - Lab Provided

  • Sharpie or other marker

  • Ice

Return Time

  • Samples for Nitrate and Nitrite must be returned to the laboratory before 48 hours have passed since collection. Please time sample collection accordingly.

Sampling Instructions


Prepare materials: Fill provided ice chest with ice and gather required materials. You will be collecting water within the first 1 minute after the tap is opened.


Open the faucet and adjust flow to avoid splashing of water. Place the container lid facing up to prevent contamination and collect water in the container provided up to the neck of the bottle (1000mLs).


Close the bottle and record the date, time, and location of sampling on the label provided along with the initials of the sample collector.
Example: 11/01/23, 3:45 pm, Kitchen Sink, MH


Place all filled containers into the ice chest with ice to maintain the temperature between 0 - 6 degrees celsius. 


Return the ice chest with the containers back to the laboratory within one to two days to ensure holding time requirements for analysis (with the exception of Nitrate and Nitrite which need to be brought in before 48 hours).

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