San Antonio

San Antonio Testing Laboratory, an independent state of the art testing site, offers an extensive selection of services in environmental and industrial analysis. Programs Tailored for private needs, quality assurance and fast response are primary objectives, and include
Waste and water analysis
Industrial analysis
Chemical analysis

QUALITY ASSURANCE STATEMENT As an independent laboratory, San Antonio Testing Laboratory strives to offer the broadest range of capabilities including routine chemical analyses with supporting expertise to assist our clients in the design, implementation, and analysis of these data collection programs. Our capabilities and capacities continue to expand through current awareness of new techniques and procedures being used by regulatory agencies, academic institutions, and industry. Quality assurance/quality control is an on-going program, running concurrently with normal laboratory operations. The goal of the Quality Assurance Program is to ensure that all data produced by the laboratory meets certain quality criteria, that all data produced is reproducible and accurate, and that the data be defensible to outside inspection. Many times the collection of the sample is beyond the scope of the laboratory operations, however, certain minimum standards must be met in order for the sample to be valid. Containers must be appropriate to the sample type and the sample must be collected in accordance with good sampling procedures and preserved appropriately. Methods of sample collection and preservation used by San Antonio Testing Laboratory follow the guidelines set forth in USEPA SW-846 and USEPA 600/4-79-020. The sample preparation methods for analyses used by San Antonio Testing Laboratory may be found in USEPA SW-846 and USEPA 600/4-79-020 as applicable. In order to ensure that the analyses are not biased, all chemicals used for sample preparation are of the highest quality available. All sample containers are cleaned in a manner consistent with the analysis. Appropriate and valid glassware is used within the preparation procedures while analyzing standards, reagents blanks, duplicate samples and fortified (spiked) samples through the preparation steps along with the sample of interest. Analysis of samples is performed in accordance with published procedures. The USEPA manuals of analytical methods currently used by San Antonio Testing Laboratory include USEPA SW- 846,"Test Methods for Evaluating Solid Waste- Physical Chemical Methods" and USEPA 600/4- 79-020, " Methods for Chemical Analysis of Water and Wastes". All instruments are maintained and calibrated on a routine basis and for each system there exists a maintenance log documenting all maintenance and calibration performed. Details of the quality assurance program are explained in the Quality Assurance Manual, Revision. Please call 210-229-9920 to request a copy of Quality Assurance Manual